Carlo Vive

14 March 1978 - 20 July 2001

Liberty, equality, solidarity; Carlo Vive!!!
We'll always remember you, brother.


Blawan - Fram

Blawan - Fram (Video Edit) from voconut on Vimeo.

Y’all know Blawan’s marvelous track from Hessle Audio, Fram. Now, this highly garage influenced, junglesque techy, dark and cold floor smasher (I know I am not good at describing, but you got the point) has a video. Directed by UO, from our Voconut Productions crew. I’m planning to say “hope you like it”, but that phrase is not needed. I know, you ‘ll like it.

Tektosag Records

Tektosag Records (sister label of Voconut Records) released it’s first digital releases. First one is Breakbit’s "LFO Sci".If youare into acid & idm sounds, yes yes this one is definetly for you. Breakbit’s science’ll absorb you from the first beat, it’s inevitable.

The second release is from Obookubo. For all these years we waited for some releases from him and finally he released something. You know him from his previous EPs from Mos-Hi Records, jungle at it’s best.

You should’ve already seen on the right side bar I put the juno link for streaming and buying this releases, go grab them.