London Pirate Radio

"Pirate radio is everywhere in London, born in the 60’s from rusting anti-aircraft towers in the mouth of the Thames. Today’s broadcasts are hidden in plain sight, transmitting from secret tower block studios via homemade rooftop antennas."

Vice and Palladium filmed a great documentary about the London's pirate radios for their documentary series, Exploration. London Pirate Radio is the sixth in these series and it features many pirate radioheads like Logan Sama, Matt Mason (author of the book The Pirate's Dilemma) and 60's original pirate Tony Pine.

Logan Sama compiled a grime mixtape for this documentary, you can download it from here.

Logan Sama x Palladium - Still Keepin It Grimy March 2010


01 Newham Generals - Introduction
02 O.Gs - Hot Ones (Royal-T Remix)
03 Rapid - Go Rapid
04 Badness - Go Bing
05 Dot Rotten - The Rotten Club News Report (Woooo Riddem)
06 Griminal - ChaChing Freestyle
07 Scorcher ft Terminator - Spartan Gang (Rude Kid Productions)
08 O.Gs - What The Rass
09 Jammer - I'm A Star
10 Frisco - Training Day
11 Trim - Stereotype
12 Ghetts - Trained To Kill
13 Little Nasty & Yunga Hunga - Badda Dan Dem
14 Big H ft. Bossman Birdie & President T - Hooligan Remix

Bonus: P Money vs Ghetts The War Report
01 Introduction
02 Ghetts - All Black Winter
03 Ghetto vs Ghetts - Suicide
04 P Money - The Dub
05 P Money - The warning
06 Ghetts - The Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower


Soundclash #16

Our sisterz, Reggaelation Sound will take the stage to select the best roots & dub tunes all night for your own meditation. Drop by Dogzstar on Saturday night. You can not have more important thing on that night instead of this bass meditation. B-Line and Steppa Sista are two of the best selektaz of Istanbul I've ever seen (consider that I saw most of them).
Reggaelation Sound will be accompanied by the dubstep duo, WOB. I played with them once, and also believe me they are really good.


Rusko-Woo Boost

Here's the Rusko's brand new video for his 'Woo Boost' single from Mad Decent.It resembles Ceephax's videos, but it is not as good as them.
Btw, the track is ok but I don't like it much, I think Borgore's remix is way better than the original.

RIP Nujabes

RIP Jun Seba aka Nujabes

DMZ 5th Bday Bash

On 5th of March, DMZ celebrated it's fifth birthday as an annual bday bash at The Mass, Brixton feauturing dubstep's finest producers&DJs. Here are some photos&vids from that night. Enjoy..

*above photo is from ashes57's dmz 5th bday set


Just a Band - 82

You may all think Africa is our past, but thanks to Akwaaba Music we can now see clearly, Africa is also our present and future.
With their discoesque techy-house sound, Just A Band greetz us again.They released their second album from Akwaaba Music last month and till that day, they became one of my favorites.
Their sound can be described as a blend of Daft Punk, Air, etc.(French touch), Basement Jaxx, and even Goldfrapp and Terranova; or better, like Benjamin said: "Think Stevie Wonder landing in Versailles (home to Phoenix, Daft Punk, Air) - singing in English and Swahili".
Personal favorites are Extra, Kai Ridho, Migingo Express and Usinibore.
Stream the whole album and watch the video of the first single, Usinibore. Then, you may all go and grab it. This is one of the best albums released last month.