Thank you MAH

This is the end of an era. Thanks for all those years Queen Mary Anne.
Stream the last show, Mary Anne's Send off Show featuring a mix from Kode9 and Burial from here:
BBC Radio 1

posted the track list of their mix from twitter, and it's like this:

1. Speedy J - Tesla
2. Zomby - Natalia's Song

3. Brandy - Never Say Never (El-B version 1)
4. Brandy - Never Say Never (El-B version 2)
5. Brandy - Angel (X-Men vocal mix)
6. Laurie Spiegel - Voices Within - A Requiem
7. Alena - Turn It Around (Hard House Bantons Mandy Mix)
8. Cooly G - He Da Biz
9. Theo Parrish - Soul Control feat. Alena Waters
10. KMFH aka Kyle Hall - Girl U So Strong (Wild Oats)
11. Terror Danjah - S.O.S.
12. Darkstar - 2 Chords
13. Prince - Condition of the Heart
14. Erykah Badu - Telephone
15. Foul Play - Being With U Rmx
16. A Guy called Gerald - Silent Cry

Catch a fire

New The Bug tune ft. Hitomi, Catch a Fire. The tune is build up on Skeng riddim.


Getting to Sirius

For the last few months, I've no time to follow the music scene and because of my job I've ignored most of the mails I've got. Today, while reviewing my mail box, I saw the mail from Join the Dots and then I listened to the Duffstep's EPs, aaand the result is more curses to my job. Anyway, let's move to the EPs.
Now, we have 2 EPs from Duffstep, first one is a free release from Join The Dots, Back For More EP. First song is the bootleg remix for Al Johnson & Jean Carne's Back For More and the second one is again a bootleg dub out remix for Barry White's Playing Your Game, Baby.
Duffstep - Back For More (Free Music - Check Description) by JoinTheDots
Duffstep - Playing Your Game (Free Music - Check Description) by JoinTheDots
Getting To Sirius Album Sampler EP is the main reason for this post.Take a look at what Mr. Duffy done under the pseudonym Duff Disco and the EP that I mentioned above, add on Blockhead's, Fly Lo's, Fingathing's, Mount Kimbie's and Von D's sound, slightly reduce the beat on the soulfull side, and when you add the techy feeling with synths and mid/heavy weighted bass to those you will understand how I felt when I first listened to this EP.
The EP is consisting of three songs and it is quite good. Although my favorite is My Kiss, and Close Your Eyes, Free is at least as good as them.
Getting To Sirius LP (Album Sampler 12") by Duffstep


Turntablism vs. Dubstep

I remember an old boring discussion about dubstep & turntablism at dubstepforum.
Many purists said "noooo, there is no room for turntablism in dubstep, etc etc" at that time.
Now, we got two late answers for those purists; first a short video from Dubspot's DJ Shiftee that is prepeared for Native Instruments, and a nearly 30 mins mix from X-Kutz.
The answer is obvious; everything fits with dubstep if it's nicely done.

X-Kutz Live on Skanks Radio July 2010 from X-Kutz on Vimeo.

PS: X-Kutz mix via drumzofthesouth


Notting Hill 2010

Each year, bank holiday gets closer, I say: "I'll go to West London this year", but eventually I couldn't.
This year, some of my friends attended the Notting Hill Carnival. After what they told me, and listening to the recordings of sessions that they sent, aaand watching the video below, I promise myself to attend next year's carnival.
Shaka, Channel 1, Aba Shanti-I and also the Dubwise festival, all in two days ...
Now watch it and decide for yourself..