Just a Band - 82

You may all think Africa is our past, but thanks to Akwaaba Music we can now see clearly, Africa is also our present and future.
With their discoesque techy-house sound, Just A Band greetz us again.They released their second album from Akwaaba Music last month and till that day, they became one of my favorites.
Their sound can be described as a blend of Daft Punk, Air, etc.(French touch), Basement Jaxx, and even Goldfrapp and Terranova; or better, like Benjamin said: "Think Stevie Wonder landing in Versailles (home to Phoenix, Daft Punk, Air) - singing in English and Swahili".
Personal favorites are Extra, Kai Ridho, Migingo Express and Usinibore.
Stream the whole album and watch the video of the first single, Usinibore. Then, you may all go and grab it. This is one of the best albums released last month.

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