Creation Stepper RIP

Disciples'in King Nebuchadnezzar sarkisindan ve Dubateers'in Go Back A Yard sarkisindan hatirlayabileceginiz, reggaenin buyuk seslerinden Creation Stepper 17 Kasim gecesi vefat etmis.Soylenebilecek pek bir sey yok, Blood & Fire forumda Keety Roots'un soylediklerine baglanalim bu cok uzucu haber karsisinda:

"what counts in my opinion is the great legacy of music he has left with us.He was a passionate man full of time love and care for anyone that came with a good spirit

2010 was going to see creation stepper on the rd with a tuff band wich sadly will not happen now

condolences and richest blessings to his family

I pray JAH will hold him in his arms, and guide him into eternal paradise


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